Test Cases of Dropdown

Test Cases for static dropdown
Some of important test cases of static dropdown listed below...

Test Cases-1 First Check that user able to click on dropdown or not .
Test Cases-2 Check that value of dropdown showing as per requirement or not.
Test Cases-3 Check that value of dropdown is showing within it boundary .
Test Cases-4 Check that user able to select the value from the dropdown or not .
Test Cases-5 Check that selected value showing in dropdown and dropdown getting close after selection .
Test Cases-6 Check that color of dropdown getting change or not when user hover the mouse on dropdown value.
Test Cases-7 Check that value of dropdown getting highlighted on the basis of key selection from keyboard .
Test Cases-8 Check that user able to scroll the value from mouse or not .
Test Cases-9 Check that longest value in dropdown showing in its boundary or not .
Test Cases-10 Check the title for dropdown.
Test Cases-11 Check the default value of dropdown .
Test Cases-12 Check the sequence of value showing as per requirement .
Test Cases-13 Check that user able to scroll the dropdown value by pressing arrow keys (up and down )
Test Cases-14 Verify the design of dropdown .
Test Cases-15 Verify the dropdown in all browser . 

We hope that above test cases helpful for you ...

Technology Team ,
UP Consultancy Services (UPCS)