Test Cases For Chair 

Here ! In this lesson we are going to discuss the possible test cases for chair ..
  • Check that Chair able bear the load as per requirement or not .
  • Check the material used in making of chair whether it is Plastic , wood , steel ,etc.
  • Verify the seating space in chair as per requirement or not .
  • Check the leg of chair are as per requirement or not.
  • Check that all chair legs are in level on the floor .
  • Check the Color of chair as per requirement or not .
  • Check the Company logo showing or not in chair .
  • Check the type of chair (home , office ,etc)
  • Check that if chair has side putting hand .
  • Check if chair without side putting hand .
  • Check the back support of chair.
  • Check the height of chair from the floor .
  • Check the weight of chair is as per requirement or not .
  • Verify if chair has wheel .
Hope!!! The above above lesson of test cases for chair helpful for you...

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