Test Cases For AC

  • Check the ac type.
  • Check That, the Time AC take to start When plug in and press on button.
  • Check the time take by ac to start Cooling.
  • Check the water Leakage in ac when start 
  • Check the AC On and off button functionality Working or Not (From Remote and button on AC body).
  • Check that AC red light(red bulb) is on or not and bulb Blink Or Not when Plug in.
  • Check that all the function of ac working or not as per requirement or not.
  • Check the  remote function they are working or not By pressing all Button.
  • Check that AC cooling by Setting min and max. temperature .
  • Check that  whether AC cooling is aired in every direction by  moving the grill to up, down, right & left.
  • Check that the when AC cooling is off only sample AC fan is on.
  • Check that the time, how many hours/days it can work  continously .
  • Check that the AC Cooling with different temperature.
Hope !!! The Above Lesson of Sample Test cases for AC Helpful for You 

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